Turbo lsv

Turbo lsv

Vehicle Information Year:






Door Type:

2 foor




Engine Detail: Basic
Engine Manufacturer: Honda
Engine Type: B18a1/B16a3

Power Transfer

Transmission Detail: Basic
Automatic or Manual Gears: Manual
Number of Gears: 5 speed


Engine Setup: Turbocharged
Manifold Setup: Standard Vacuum Manifold
Throttle Body Type: Skunk2
Throttle Body Size: 68mm
Intake Manifold Type: Blox
Injector Type: China
Injector Size: 1000cc
Header Type: Ramhorn
Exhaust Type: Open dp
Catalytic Converter: No Cat
Fuel Pump Type: Ae340
Fuel Type: 93pump

Force Induction

Turbo Kit Type: Ebay
Turbo Type: .57
Boost Level in PSI: 10

Power Output

Tuned by: Other
Engine Management Type: Hondata s200/Crome
Dyno Type:
Dynoed Horsepower: 123hp@123rpm
Dynoed Torque: 123tq@123rpm

Additional Information

Setup Information

Need some help with tuning with crome. Have watched all of Pauls videos but I am still having a problem getting the car to run decently. Motor runs excellent but now can’t get much out of it since 10pp installed. I can get it to start but wideband shoots way too rich, as soon as I touch the gas it instantly jumps too lean. Some help with mapping would be awesome.

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