Frank 24/20

Frank 24/20

Dyno Chart

Vehicle Information Year:






Door Type:





Engine Detail: Advance
Stock Head: No
Head Type: PRB Pro163
Stock Block: No
Block Type: K24
Block Bore Size: 87.5
Block Sleeves: Stock
Engine Compression Ratio: 12.5:1
Piston Type: SuperTech
Piston Size: 87.5
Connecting Rod Type: Manley H
Crankshaft Type: Stock
Cranshaft Pully Type: Stock
Balanced Crankshaft: Yes
Micro polish Crankshaft: Yes
Knife Edged Crankshaft: No

Power Transfer

Transmission Detail: Basic
Transmission Manufacturer: honda
Automatic or Manual Gears: Manual
Number of Gears: 6


Engine Setup: Naturally Aspirated
Manifold Setup: Standard Vacuum Manifold
Throttle Body Type: Ktuned
Throttle Body Size: 90mm
Air Intake Type: 3.5″
Intake Manifold Type: S2 Ultra
Injector Type: DW
Injector Size: 1500cc
Header Type: 4-1
Exhaust Type: None
Midpipe Type: None
Downpipe Type: None
Catalytic Converter: No Cat
Fuel Pump Type: 450LPH
Ignition Type: Stock

Power Output

Tuned by: Other
Engine Management Type: Kpro
Dyno Type:
Dynoed Horsepower: 350hp@9000rpm
Dynoed Torque: 215tq@8000rpm
Air Fuel Ratio at Full Throttle: 8.0
Setup Information
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    • 2thoj at 10:44 pm

      This was tuned on VP M5 at the 350whp+ at around 8AFR, no changes other then fuel and injectors. The motor was previously on e85 for the past 4 years making 310-325whp @13.1AFR daily driven for 2 year lol. Boost will be coming soon after a few more pass on this setup.

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