“Project shiest2” B18B Turbo

“Project shiest2” B18B Turbo

stock b18b1 I do not have a tune or dyno sheet running a decent base map

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    • Heavy D at 4:37 pm

      In Canada. yeah should be pushing 270-280 hp I have a buddy with the same set up and I pull on him by a car and his car was dynoed at 270whp . Only difference is he has a short ratio tranny from a jdm b16a

  1. pimp_daddie69 at 11:24 am

    Nice set up man. Btw what are the name of those set of rims? And what’s the specs on your rims? I really like them man.

  2. TunerWizard at 9:22 am

    I use to have a set. They were bronze. Rota replicas and I loved them. IMHO 16 is the perfect size.

    • Heavy D at 12:05 am

      yeah I like them as well, starting to get bored of them looking for a new set of wheels but I havent decided on what yet maybe a gun metal te37 but 16’s ftw they fill in nice on the EG

  3. Heavy D at 8:41 am

    Those a really nice wheels but too much bling bling for me . Too bad I can’t post pictures in this comment . I’d like to show you . Do you have instagram Paul?

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