Dyno Chart

Vehicle Information Year:






Door Type:

2 Door




Engine Detail: Basic
Engine Manufacturer: Honda
Engine Type: C30a

Power Transfer

Transmission Detail: Basic
Transmission Manufacturer: Honda
Automatic or Manual Gears: Manual
Number of Gears: 5


Engine Setup: Supercharged
Manifold Setup: Standard Vacuum Manifold
Air Intake Type: Custom
Injector Type: OEM RDX Injectors
Exhaust Type: Comptech 00+ exhaust manifolds
Catalytic Converter: No Cat
Fuel Pump Type: Denzo for Supra
Fuel Type: 91

Force Induction

Supercharger Type: Comptech
Boost Controller: 7.5
Boost Level in PSI: 7

Power Output

Tuned by: Other
Dyno Type: SuperFlow Windyn V3.2
Dynoed Horsepower: 346hp@7400rpm
Dynoed Torque: 250tq@6800rpm

Additional Information

Setup Information


Safety & Chassis Bracing
TiDave Harness Bar & 5th point bar
Simpson 5-point Harness
RYU Rear Aluminum Beam
RYU Front Aluminum Beam
Type R Front Chassis Support
Dali Mid-Rear Chassis Support

DG5 Coilover Suspension w/ Swift Springs (9K Front, 11K Rear rates)
Type R Front Sway Bar but considering Dali Trophy 1″ hollow straight bar
TiDave Non-Compliance Front Clamps
TiDave Non-Compliance Rear Bushings
TiDave Adjustable Sway Bar End Links
RYU Suspension Lift Kit

Drivetrain, Engine, and Engine Management
Comptech 1.7L Autorotor Supercharger
HKS F-Con iS w/ Tune from FastraxTurbo
HKS iF Sensor Control Unit
HKS Sensors
Snow Performance Water/Meth Injection Kit
STMPO Oil Pan Baffle
MASiV High Efficiency Race Radiator
A.S. Motorsport Phenolic Intake Manifold Gasket
A.S. Motorsport Phenolic CTSC Manifold Gasket
Denso “Supra” Fuel Pump
OEM RDX Injectors
Dali Battery Tray
Odyssey Racing Battery
Dali Short Shift Kit
TiDave Damper Shield
Custom Side Vent Mount Oil Cooler with SOS AN10 oil filter sandwich plate
Custom breather Catch-Can

RYU Custom Valvetronic FI Exhaust System (smog legal)
Comptech 00+ exhaust manifolds

Wheels, Tires & Brakes
Advan RS Wheels
Dunlop Z1 Star Specs
MY2000+ ABS Brake Upgrade
Greddy/Grex/Rotora 4-Wheel Big Brake Kit
STMPO Front Brake Ducts
RYU Custom Rear e-Brake kit
Super Blue Brake Fluid
Dali SS Brake Lines

Alpine EX-10 Bluetooth Handsfree Control Center
Alpine S-370 Touchscreen Monitor
Carbon Composites (CWood) Custom OEM Center Console
Stacy Ring Cluster
OEM Automatic RPM Gauge Face with built-in 7 led shift light
Kuni custom low profile seat cushion

Full OEM 02 Front Conversion
Downforce front wide fenders
JDM OEM Rear Tail Lights
Backyard Special Type R vented hood
Metalic Window Tint
Type R Style Rear Engine Cover
Shark II Antenna Base
NRG NSX-R Rear Spoiler
Seibon rear carbon fiber rear valance

OEM Timing Belt
OEM Water Pump
Full OEM Coolant Hose Replacement
OEM Cam Plugs
OEM Valve Cover Seals
Brake Master Cylinder
Cluch Master Cylinder
Hugabuga Window Fix
Steering Rack Full Rebuild
OEM CV Boot Replacement
OEM Front lower ball joints
OEM Hatch trunk struts
OEM Trunk struts
6 New OEM Coil packs
New OEM igniter

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