My EF civic

My EF civic

Vehicle Information Year:






Door Type:





Engine Detail: Advance
Stock Head: Yes
Stock Block: Yes

Power Transfer

Transmission Detail: Advance
Transmission Manufacturer: Honda
Automatic or Manual Gears: Manual
Number of Gears: 5 speed manual
Limited Slip Differential(LSD): Yes
Flywheel Type: Stock
Clutch Type: Stock


Engine Setup: Naturally Aspirated
Manifold Setup: Standard Vacuum Manifold
Throttle Body Type: Stock
Throttle Body Size: 65mm
Air Intake Type: Cold air system
Intake Manifold Type: Stock
Injector Type: Stock
Injector Size: Stock
Header Type: 4-1 type
Exhaust Type: Tanabe sport full exhaust
Catalytic Converter: No Cat

Power Output

Tuned by: Other
Dyno Type:
Dynoed Horsepower: 186hp@7800rpm
Dynoed Torque: 120tq@7000rpm

Additional Information

Setup Information

Jdm b16a swap

There are 6 comments for this build
  1. TunerWizard at 9:58 am

    I miss by EF. I had a black one like this one back in the 90s. Anyhow good numbers from a 1.6L engine. Have you thought about a turbo on the b16 to boost up the power level to the 300-400 range?


    • Tysef9 at 10:06 am

      I want to turbo it really bad but my compression is way to high for boost and I don’t want to do bottom end work right now

  2. TunerWizard at 12:41 pm

    How high is your compression? I’ve done some high compression turbo setups. They make good power. Just have to be careful on timing advancement.


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