EVO 8 Stock Block

EVO 8 Stock Block

Dyno Chart

Vehicle Information Year:






Door Type:

4 Door


Evolution RS


Engine Detail: Advance
Stock Head: Yes
Stock Block: Yes

Power Transfer

Transmission Detail: Advance
Transmission Manufacturer: Mitsu
Automatic or Manual Gears: Manual
Number of Gears: 5sp
Final Drive Ratio: 4.529
Limited Slip Differential(LSD): Yes
Flywheel Type: ACT
Clutch Type: ACT HD 6 Puck Sprung


Engine Setup: Turbocharged
Manifold Setup: Standard Vacuum Manifold
Throttle Body Type: Mil.Spec Stock Ported
Throttle Body Size: 65mm
Air Intake Type: FP Silicon Short Ram
Intake Manifold Type: Buschur Racing Stock Ported
Injector Type: FIC
Injector Size: 1450cc
Header Type: Buschur Racing Stock Ported
Exhaust Type: Buschur Racing
Downpipe Type: WORKS
Catalytic Converter: No Cat
Fuel Pump Type: Buschur Racing Double Pumper w/ Walbro 255s
Fuel Type: E85
Ignition Type: Spoolin Up COP

Force Induction

Turbo Kit Type: Stock Frame
Turbo Type: FP BLACK
Boost Controller: Grimmspeed EBCS
Boost Level in PSI: 30
Intercooler Type: ETS-made Garret 3.8″

Power Output

Tuned by: Boosted Tuning
Engine Management Type: ECUFlash/EVOScan
Dyno Type: Dynojet 424x
Dynoed Horsepower: 547hp@7600rpm
Dynoed Torque: 417tq@6000rpm
Air Fuel Ratio at Full Throttle: 12.0
Setup Information
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  1. TunerWizard at 10:15 pm


    Thats some good power from a stock block. Makes me want to get another evo. Is this from your Dyno?


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