FREE CONTEST ENTRY – Chance to win $100


Promotional date:
From now til Nov 30, 2015. Awarded by Dec 7, 2015

1 $100 Grand Prize Winner
2 $50 Second / Third place Winner

Qualifications for being a selected winner:
Must like our facebook fan page
Must sign up on & post at least 1 car with dyno chart.
Must provide as much accurate details as possible (we approve every post)
Must have paypal account. Payment will be dispersed through paypal only.

Winner Selection Method:
3 users will be randomly selected.
The 3 users will be verified that they have met the qualifications above or will be automatically disqualified.
The user posting the most car count wins $100. If there is a tie between top 2 or all 3 users of total car count, the first user who was randomly picked will automatically be awarded the $100.
The remaining 2 users will be awarded $50 each. If a user is disqualified, the next user will be selected into the pool for a winning place. We will contact all winners. Winners have 48 hours to respond and claim their prize. If no response is received in the allotted time, winner forfeits their prize. Please check your spam/junk folder and/or add our domain to your “safe” email list.

We reserve the right to make adjustments to the contest as needed.

1. Like us on Facebook (


2. Create an account on


3. Confirm your account through your email

4. Post your car setup with dyno chart, hp and torque numbers