1994 Civic Sohc Turbo

1994 Civic Sohc Turbo

D16z6 with comp 59300 stage 2 cam with AEM adjustable cam gear Brian crowed valve springs and titanium retainers gates racing timing belt bisimoto header obx aluminum intake manifold with h22 throttle body custom 2.5″ exhaust with high flow cat and resonator resting on a dynomax muffler Aem short ram integra 2.75″ intake optima battery and custom grounding kit
Ecu currently chipped on chrome with stock basemap waiting on turbo to come in to install and dynotune
Once turbo comes in I will do ARP head studs and 3 layer cometic gasket with new valve guides and oversized valves
Currently took to the track once when I only had a cam and bad tires and hit 16.1
Yet to go with the rest of the mods hoping for mid 15’s untuned

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  1. TunerWizard at 9:17 am

    What size turbo are you going to use on this setup? What hp range are you looking to achieve?

    • Joseph Serna at 1:37 am

      I yet to talk to my tuner and do the equations for this build
      For the stock engine for now I will honestly get a eBay turbo until I feel more comfortable with boost

      After than I will upgrade all my parts
      4 bar map sensor bigger injectors and fuel pump forged internals and go until it is safe
      For the stock engine I will be happy with 200whp
      Forged I’m looking for 400+ and 11sec passes

  2. paulsvang at 9:12 pm

    GT35r sized turbo? Post some numbers when you get it tuned. I would also like to see how it does.

  3. Joseph Serna at 10:38 pm

    I’m not 100% sure on turbo just yet
    But I’m getting a skunk 2 manifold this weekend and fixing my exhaust a bit
    Then I’ll be doing a better TB and 440cc injectors

  4. Joseph Serna at 12:42 am

    So update
    Got my skunk 2 Manifold installed few days ago, torque picked up like crazy.
    Going to pick n pull tomorrow on the hunt for a 62mm TB from a f h or b series
    Also bought Aem fuel rail pressure gauge and fuel pressure regulator
    Just waiting on a guy with some 440cc injectors from Craigslist to pick those up for 100

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